Central Vacuum Tips & Samples

Central Vacuum Tips

Here is a sample of what you will have to clean after six months

1Tips on maintaining your Central Vacuum:
  • Always hang your hose on the hanger
  • Disconnect power head before hanging hose
  • Check outlets for leaks when your is vacuum is running
  • Clean roller bar on power head of thread and hair
  • Check roller bar and belt for any slipping
  • Clean canister regularly¬† and inspect the seals
  • 2Cleaning the Filtration of Central Vacuums:
    VACUFLOW, ASTRO-VAC, DYNO-VAC and VACUMAID are cyclonic systems. These systems have screens inside the canister.
  • Remove bottom of canister
  • Use your hand to scrape away the debris (some screens are located high up under the motor)
  • Empty dirt into a garbage bag

  • ELECTROLUX, AERUS, SUPER-VAC, M&S and others have foam filters. These filters catch all the debris.
  • Take filter out
  • Remove as much heavy dirt as possible
  • Wash as best you can (have a second filter as the wet one takes a long time to dry)
  • Empty dirt bucket

  • BEAM, EASY-FLO, CANA-VAC, CLEANFLO and many others have a hanging cloth filters.This type has a weight inside the fabric.
  • Move the filter up and down to removes heavy dirt
  • Shake filter firmly to remove the fine dirt or you can use a Shop Vac to vacuum off
  • Don't forget to empty dirt bucket

  • Then there are the BAG SYSTEMS. All you do is remove the bottom of canister, remove BAG OF DIRT, replace with a new bag, replace bottom and your done! No dirt to empty out ( all central vacuums have bag systems or can covert to a bag )
    3Important Tip:
  • If you do not clean the dirt filters of your vacuum regularly, you will require repairs
  • 4Thoughts to consider when buying a central vacuum:
  • What type of canister do I want to clean
  • How big is my home and how many outlets do I need
  • How much carpet do I have
  • How long am I staying in this house
  • Do I have to vent to the outside
  • Where should I install the canister - garage or basement
  • Should I add extra outlets in basement or garage
  • 5Who should I have install my new central vacuum?
    I strongly suggest that you use an experienced installer, any vacuum shops can provide one for you. Over the years we have had to repair the mistakes of many DIY persons who where told that anyone can install a central vacuum. If you still decide to do it on your own, do a little research on You Tube. It can be helpful.
    6Tips when you hire an installer:
  • Have a parking spot ready for him
  • Have basement clear, he will need room to work
  • If you are installing unit in garage, move cars out and clear spot for the unit
  • Have extra mats available for tools to be placed on
  • Put your hose and accessories together so you can be shown how to use properly